The €69 Yoga Mat That’s Changing Lives (And How It Can Change Yours)

For €69, we’re giving you a chance to have the best yoga mat out there that’s proving to change lives. AND we’re throwing in 3 FREE live yoga sessions worth €220 that’s done by a qualified yoga instructor. No nonsense. Keep reading, this is for those that practise Yoga already or those that are interested in getting started.



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Yoga Benefits

This year has been tough, and what’s made it tougher is the constant uncertainty of whether you can continue doing the things that kept you sane. Whether that’s playing football, going for a jog, or yoga, everyone has been trying to find a healthy vice to keep themselves from going crazy.
Yoga has been one of the most popular actually;

…An increase of 239% in yoga classes and yoga mat sales has happened in UK alone during 2019-2020. This is thanks to the current climate and the consistent proof that Yoga provides a myriad of health benefits.

If you don’t know what yoga is. It’s an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing to significantly boost mental and physical well-being. Even the NHS recognise it as an established exercise form that offers all fitness levels a chance to get healthier.

What’s more is it’s never boring; one of the biggest benefits of Yoga is that there are over 1000 exercises within the Yoga teachings, and each of them offer specific benefits depending on what you want to focus on.

Yoga has consistently shown a visible increase in physical health for those that practise Yoga regularly.
The National Health Association evaluated over 7,500 studies to establish the efficacy of Yoga.
What they have found is profound and undeniable; in 7109 of the studies, there has been irrefutable evidence that Yoga significantly increased the mental and physical wellbeing of those that practised yoga regularly.
A total of 2.5m participants took part of the studies, and 99.4% showed a verifiable increase in mental health and physical health.
Of the 2.5m, 52% had started Yoga with weight issues and depression. 69% of those after 6 months of regular Yoga saw a massive improvement in their weight and depression.

Yoga is the new in thing, and it’s because it actually works. Yoga can be done anywhere, and by anyone.

But Here’s Where It Gets Dark (Conspiracy Theory Alert)

Sadly however, that has meant a lot of scammers popping up into the industry. New “yogis” are joining the wave everyday, and unfortunately there’s nothing stopping them. These new self proclaimed “yogis” are spending thousands on convincing new students (ahem victims) that their teachings are the best teaching. Then, they have the audacity to charge £100 for each 1 hour long GROUP session. AND PEOPLE ARE PAYING IT!

Furthermore, yoga mats have become a new fad, almost like a virus that’s consuming Yoga enthusiasts to a whole new level. It’s a confusing market; everyone says their mat is the best. But what they aren’t saying is what objectively makes a good yoga mat.

It’s sad that people have taken such a beautiful and dare I say helpful ancient exercise, and ruined it for the masses for economic gain.

Well, we’re here to shed light on this. And we want to give you a fair chance in getting the best value for your buck.

How To Spot A Phony From A Yogi

These are the 4 things all Yoga practitioners should consider when choosing a modern yoga mat;

  • Is it compact - we all live in cramped houses these days (not all of us have the celebrity lifestyle of a personalised yoga room) so a yoga mat should be compact and be able to compress.
  • Is it Biodegradable - if you ever need to replace it, it’s good to know that the yoga mat you’re using won’t cause harm on the planet right? I mean if you’re practising Yoga, then by extension you need to care about your surroundings.
  • Is it Comfortable - arguably the most important but the least cared about. Most yoga mats are focusing on the fabric, as opposed to the cushion itself. But the mat needs to be comfortable enough for you to enjoy yoga on it regularly. It needs to make it a pleasant experience.
  • Does the Company Care? - if the company hasn’t ever done yoga itself, how can it know what Yoga users really want? More importantly, how can they understand the true benefits of Yoga?

And here is the only thing you should care about when finding a yoga instructor; Is It Overpriced.

Yoga is about spreading good into the world, and no good is spread if your yoga instructor is asking you to pay £30 or £40 or even £100 in most cases. They price themselves like this so they only get people that commit, but to us, that just sounds like they’re trying to start a cult. And not actually help people.

We’ve tried to design the best Yoga mat with years of experience poured into the research and development process. The Material we have used is a complex Bio-degradable natural tree rubber, which is eco-friendly and not harmful for any animals. It took us months to find a supplier that offers this, but we managed to do it. Gone are the days of carrying your yoga mat as a backpack. Our mat compacts into the size of a small laptop bag. And the bag comes with each yoga mat. We handcrafted the design to meet the needs of the modern Yoga enthusiast. Our mat can be put anywhere, as it is versatile and manageable.

Our mat is so comfortable, you’ll want to sleep on it; by combining our eco-material with a non-slip surface, you’ll have the best yoga experience of your life. This is thanks to our non-slip surface offering a grip unlike you’ve ever felt. Once you’re on there, you can practise the hardest yoga routines without feeling you are going to fall. We offer balance and solidity to our customers.

Whilst this may or may not affect you, we are trying to save lives with our yoga mats. 5% of our revenue goes to a struggling charity. We are aiming to push this number to 35% by the end of next year once we have a bigger supply chain. So when we say our yoga mats are saving lives, we do really mean that (even if it’s on a small scale)

And Our Final Golden Nugget - You All Get Free Yoga Classes

To show how committed we are in making Yoga great again, we’re giving away 3 free LIVE yoga classes with each yoga mat purchased.

Meet Our Main Yoga Instructor

Emilie has been teaching and practising Yoga for Over 10 years.

She’s trained with some of the best, and lives, breathes, and embraces Yoga like no one else.

Emilie will run 3 live sessions, over zoom, for you to get comfortable with Yoga.

Her sessions are for all levels, and what makes them awesome is that they’re actually fun. She’s a true innovator when it comes to Yoga practise, so you’re guaranteed to come out feeling rejuvenated.

These sessions alone are worth more than the £62 we charge for the yoga mat, but we understand it’s been a tough year for everyone financially.

So we’re giving the sessions included too!

Spots Are Limited

Not to sound like a cliché but genuinely, spots are limited, and there’s a simple reason for this; time.

We only sell what we can actually sell without over-stretching ourselves, so we keep a live counter of how many spots we have left for the month.

As it stands, for November, we currently have: 5 spots

And we can only secure yours for the next 15 minutes.

Claim your position and get a Yoga experience like you’ve never had before.

Packmat is on SALE today! Claim your discount now and FREE live Yoga Classes!

Packmat Earth & 3 Yoga Classes {Webinar}
Packmat Earth & 3 Yoga Classes {Webinar}
Packmat Earth & 3 Yoga Classes {Webinar}
Packmat Earth & 3 Yoga Classes {Webinar}
Packmat Earth & 3 Yoga Classes {Webinar}
Packmat Earth & 3 Yoga Classes {Webinar}
Packmat Earth & 3 Yoga Classes {Webinar}
Packmat Earth & 3 Yoga Classes {Webinar}
Packmat Earth & 3 Yoga Classes {Webinar}
Packmat Earth & 3 Yoga Classes {Webinar}

Packmat Earth & 3 Yoga Classes {Webinar}