About Us

Partners in life and in business, we are Emilie and Esteban, the founders of Packmat. 

Before we came up with the idea of Packmat, we wanted to make a change in the world.

As we both share a deep passion for sustainability, minimalism and travel as well as sports, it didn’t take long to combine these into a product. We wanted to create one that would embody all the virtues of yoga philosophy.

Yoga is about harmony with oneself, harmony with the people around us, and harmony with nature and all living beings on this Earth.

We wanted to create a product that gave back to the earth, improved people’s lives and somehow incorporated all of those values cited above. 

Finally, the core of our idea was to really want to make a difference on a much larger scale by helping all living beings on the planet as best as we could, including the Earth itself.

Emilie and Esteban

Emilie, has been teaching yoga full time in Luxembourg and practices it about six times a week.

She often does multiple sessions a day, so you could say it takes up the majority of her life. But in many ways yoga has helped Emilie more than just physically.

Growing up and feeling lost in a dynamic and fast paced world full of options and possibilities, anxiety and troublesome childhood experiences almost took the better of her. 

Relocating numerous times, trying to find herself, the one true art, that gave her some clarity and tranquility throughout the more challenging experiences of her life, was yoga. 

After an emotional yet enlightening experience in a hot yoga studio in 2014, she decided to cut a deal to practice for free in return for mopping and cleaning the studio after the evening group classes.

Being broke at the time and not being able to pay for classes, this was a life changing deal.

From then on Emilie went to practice, study and learn the art of yoga, completing over 500 hours of teacher training and becoming a full time teacher in Luxembourg.

All she wanted to do from the very beginning was to share this amazing gift with as many people as possible in the hopes that it would transform their lives as profoundly as it did hers.

Founders of Packmat

Esteban on the other hand has had a very different upbringing and history.

Having worked in numerous corporate sectors, from banking to media, he knew from the first day entering his first job, that he wanted more than just the 9-5 grind.

His true passion and dream was to create a charity/ NGO through a product or service of his own.

Being a true fitness fanatic and world explorer, he dreams of living around the world opening schools, sanctuaries and learning about different cultures.

He also strongly believes in self-empowerment and improvement, which is why from an early age on, he started researching and practicing online business opportunities. 

Having stepped into multiple jobs and being laid off twice through company bankruptcies he knew that the universe was trying to put him onto a different path. 

His drive got him to learn and teach himself about the online world and its vast monetization methods.

He believes that we all deserve to be free and able to pursue the things that truly light up a fire inside us.

Once Emilie and Esteban found each other it didn’t take long before their fires connected and their minds came up with the concept of Packmat Ltd.

The creation of the Packmat

The main problem of being a yoga teacher like Emilie, who needs to commute from studio to studio as well as various clients, is the mat.

You’re either left with below average quality, germ infested mats or you bring your own mat along with you.

As most mats are heavy and can only be rolled up, you usually find yourself having to run around with a giant tube whilst commuting all day.

After a lot of trial and error the concept of ‘Packmat’ was born. A beautiful, unique, travel friendly yoga mat with amazing grip.

Wanting the best grip possible, as this is the most important quality a yoga mat, plus wanting the largest size and lightest weight, it was a true challenge to manufacture the ideal mat.

After sitting down for months determined to make this vision of ours a reality, we finally achieved our goal.

Packmat is a lightweight, eco-friendly, foldable travel yoga mat. 

All of the materials used in the production of our mats are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

All mats are made of the finest synthetic suede and 100% natural tree rubber, leaving a minimal carbon footprint. This also means that they are neither toxic to you, nor the environment.

This amazing quality of vegan microsuede ensures the best grip and has an incredibly soft touch.

Easily foldable, without any creasing, you can stash it away in a handbag or backpack without problem.

Its thickness and materials used, makes it the perfect mat for hot yoga as the grip gets even better the more you sweat.

Additionally there is no need to worry about the smell or bacteria, as it’s washing machine friendly.

From years of experience practicing yoga, Emilie can honestly say that for the first time she’s using the softest and grippiest mat she’s ever practiced on.

Making An Impact

As mentioned previously, one of the major goals of Packmat Ltd. is to improve this planet.

We believe that as humans we need to give back to the world more than what we take from it. 

There is a whole style of yoga dedicated to this philosophy, which is called Karma yoga. 

Karma yoga is to act selflessly in the benefit of others, it is a yoga of action that demands helping and doing good without expecting anything in return. It is a virtue.

We decided we wanted to give back to the world by donating money to different organizations that we believe and trust in.

When it came to which organization we were going to support, we could not bring ourselves to decide on just one.

The world needs our support on so many levels which is why we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just one good cause.

Because of that we decided to make all of our mats limited editions, each edition having a unique and special design, representing a different cause to which we will donate 5% of all our earnings.