How To Take Care Of Your Yoga Mat

As you practice, your mat will without a doubt collect germs from your hands and feet- as well as the bottom part collecting bacteria amongst other things.

Just think about how many poses require you to be face down on your mat!

Packmat vinyasa

Packmat is a great mat and adventure buddy, but it unfortunately doesn’t clean itself.

Cleaning your yoga mat is a ritual that you should definitely adopt after every time you practice.

Not only for your own health but also for the wellbeing of your yoga mat.

So after having laughed, cried, sweated and more, how do you give your Packmat the care it so deserves?

First of all it is important to note that all yoga mats are different and therefore have different cleaning requirements and methods.

Packmats are made of the finest quality synthetic suede otherwise known as ultrasuede.

packmat synthetic suede and natural rubber

The suede top is very easy to clean, meaning all the accumulated dirt and grime is easily wiped down using a cloth and cleaning spray.

Continue reading to find out how you can make your own, easy and all natural cleaning spray recipe, for you to use before and after each time you practice to cleanse and refresh your mat.

yoga mat cleaner

The Recipe

For a 100ml spray bottle you will need to fill it ¾ of it with water and add:

- 20 drops of Eucalyptus oil

eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil with antibacterial properties, meaning it will actually clean your mat in addition to making it smell nice and fresh. 

Other options are Lemongrass, Peppermint or Geranium.

- 30 drops of Lavendar oil

lavender oil

Start experimenting with essential oils that you like the scent of. 

We love lavender and feel like it pairs really nicely with the smell of Eucalyptus and Tea tree.

- 10 drops of Tea tree oil

tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another great antibacterial essential oil, that has a slightly stronger scent, hence why we decide to add a little less of it.

Remember, when it comes to essential oils, a few drops go a really long way.

How To Apply

Now that you’ve created your fresh and lovely smelling cleaning spray, all that is left for you to do is shake it well until the water and oils have blended together nicely.

Then go ahead and give your mat a few good sprays, grab a dry or slightly damp cloth and rub it down.

And there you go!

Now you will never have to worry about a dirty or sweaty smelling mat ever again!

Although you have the perfect recipe for fresh smelling cleaning product that cleanses and frees your mat from all of the unhealthy and nasty bacteria, there is an alternative for proud Packmat owners.


Every Packmat is completely washing machine friendly.

Simply throw your mat in the washing machine, put in the liquids or powders, as you would with sensitive clothing and turn on the washer at 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).

Once done, all you need to do is let it hang and dry out.

Definitely do not put it in the dryer as this will ruin the mat.

Please do note that although the mat is completely washing machine friendly we highly recommend to hand wash it with the essential oils.

Washing the mat in the washing machine regularly may cause slight freying of the edges, and the color to fade over time.


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