• How To Fold Your Yoga Mat

    Done are the days of carrying around a big heavy tube under your arm!
    Our yoga mats are easily foldable and light, weighing only 1.8kg and fit perfectly into their custom zip up pouch.
    Here are some easy step by step instructions on how to fold your yoga mat with photo demonstrations.

  • How To Take Care Of Your Yoga Mat

    As you practice, your mat will without a doubt collect germs from your hands and feet- as well as the bottom part collecting bacteria amongst other things.
    Just think about how many poses require you to be face down on your mat!
    Packmat is a great mat and adventure buddy, but it unfortunately doesn’t clean itself.
  • Why you should invest in an eco-friendly yoga mat.

    In this article we discuss the pros and cons of the different yoga mats on the market today and why it is important to buy eco-friendly and PVC free.
  • Sitting Yoga Poses

    The many benefits of seated yoga poses, how they can help you gain flexibility, but also to slow down and to feel more mentally grounded.
  • The Rainforest Trust

    For every limited edition of our yoga mats we want to give back to special cause that means a lot to us. This months Packmat Earth edition, is dedicated to preserving acres of land in the Amazon Rainforest. Read more about the cause and the mission behind the Rainforest Trust and how Packmat Earth supports them.