The Rainforest Trust

As you might know by now, Packmat makes limited edition yoga mats, of which each mat donates to a different charity.

For our very first edition, Packmat Earth, Packmat Ltd. is proud to be a Conservation Circle Partner of Rainforest Trust, one of the world’s most effective conservation charities.

Packmat is donating to the Rainforest Trust’s Conservation Action Fund, a fund used to support and protect endangered species, threatened rainforests and other tropical ecosystems around the world.

Our donation will help safeguard over 1200 acres of rainforest!

Rainforests are one of the most important natural resources on Earth, and affect the daily lives of everyone on our planet.

They safely store billions of tons of carbon, helping to mitigate climate change, stabilize global weather patterns, clean water, and are even a source for modern medicines.

Rainforests are also home to 50% of the world’s species, many of which are critically endangered.

Thousands of indigenous communities rely on these forests for their food, water and economic prosperity.

In short, rainforests help to sustain life on this planet, and their long-term protection is absolutely vital for our survival.

Rainforest Trust ensures the protection of these vital ecosystems through partnerships with local communities and trusted in-country partner NGOs.

The charity has already saved over 20 million acres of rainforest and other tropical ecosystems, and aims to place 50 million acres under permanent protection and more.

We at Packmat Ltd. hope to help the Rainforest Trust get to that goal a little closer.

To find out more, please visit the Rainforest Trust website.