How To Fold Your Yoga Mat

One of the best advantages of Packmat is its dimensions and the fact that it is easy to carry and travel around with.

Our yoga mats are extra large, made purposefully for those who like to have space and the freedom to move around without limitations during their yoga practice.

The dimensions of  the Packmat yoga mat are 1850mm x 680mm and 2mm thickness. 

The thickness of Packmat is minimal, providing the best support for balancing postures and also allowing you to fold your mat with ease.

Done are the days of carrying around a big heavy tube under your arm! 

Our yoga mats are easily foldable and light, weighing only 1.8kg and fit perfectly into their custom zip up pouch, each equipped with a little carry handle making them the most convenient travel yoga mats on the market.

packmat travel yoga mat foldable

Easy to fold... here's how:


Firstly, make sure that you clean your mat after your practice, especially if you've been sweating a lot.

Once the mat is fully dry, find a clean and flat surface to lay your mat on.

Turn the mat upside down so the black side is facing up and the suede top is facing down.



Then fold one of the long sides of the mat in towards 2/3 of the width of the mat as depicted below and then fold the second in, ending up with a third of the width of the mat.


Next, fold the length of the mat in two

Finally, fold the half length of the mat into 3 parts as shown in the pictures below:



And there you go! 

The mat should now fit perfectly into its custom pouch.

I hope you enjoy the convenience and comfort of practicing with Packmat.